Source Code - cSPIKE

Matlab command line library


To work with these codes please first download and install cSPIKE by following the instructions on the cSPIKE download page.

Our latest addition to cSPIKE are these recently introduced algorithms to find in a population of neurons among all possible subpopulations the one that distinguishes a given set of stimuli best. The analysis can be performed in two ways, either assuming a summed population coding or following the labelled line hypothesis. To get started have a look at the file 'population_main.m' in the folder 'PopulationAnalysis'.

For more information on the population analysis please refer to:

Satuvuori E, Mulansky M, Daffertshofer A, Kreuz T:

Using spike train distances to identify the most discriminative neuronal subpopulation

JNeurosci Methods, 308, 354 and arXiv [PDF] (2018) [PDF]